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Join us for our Open House-Meet and Mingle for United Collective! Register on our calendar below.
We are so excited to welcome you to our community.
United Collective Open House-Meet and Mingle
July 26 - Friday
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Fall Registration and Enrollment 2024
Welcome New Families to the Community!
Welcome to United Collective we are so excited to be launching in the Fall!
Please look around and get to know about our mission and vision to serve the valley.

Welcome to our innovative educational community, where the spirit of collaboration and lifelong learning thrives!

Empowering education through community

Our community offers a unique approach to education, blending the flexibility of homeschooling with the benefits of community engagement and real-world skill development.

Launching Fall 2024. We are excited for what is coming to the valley. A new innovative approach to empowering education through community, building partnerships, and strengthening the support for families.

2024-2025 Academic Year is Coming Soon!

Enrollment Coming Soon

How Can We Help

1. Personalized Support and Guidance:

For Parents:

  • Workshops and Seminars: Offer regular workshops and seminars on topics such as effective homeschooling strategies, integrating faith into daily learning, and navigating trade education pathways. These sessions can empower parents with practical tools and insights to support their children's education.
  • Individual Consultations: Provide personalized consultations with educational advisors who can help parents develop customized learning plans tailored to their child's unique needs, strengths, and interests. This ensures that each student receives a tailored educational experience that aligns with their goals and family values.

For Students:

  • Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs where students can receive one-on-one guidance from experienced mentors in their chosen trade fields. These mentors can provide valuable insights, encouragement, and practical advice, helping students to set and achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Academic and Career Counseling: Offer academic and career counseling services to help students navigate their educational journey and future career paths. This includes assistance with course selection, trade certification options, and college or job placement guidance.

Community Building and Enagement

2. Community Building and Engagement:

For Parents:

  • Parent Support Groups: Create parent support groups where parents can connect, share experiences, and offer mutual support. These groups can provide a sense of community and encouragement, fostering collaboration and shared learning among parents.
  • Family Events and Activities: Organize regular family-oriented events and activities that promote community building and fellowship. These can include family worship nights, community service projects, and social gatherings that strengthen the bonds within the cooperative.

For Students:

  • Student Clubs and Activities: Encourage the formation of student clubs and extracurricular activities that align with their interests and talents. This provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, build friendships, and engage in meaningful projects outside of their academic studies.
  • Faith-Based Programs: Offer faith-based programs and activities, such as Bible study groups, prayer meetings, and service projects, to nurture students' spiritual growth and foster a strong sense of Christian community.

Resources and Learning Opportunities

3. Resources and Learning Opportunities:

For Parents:

  • Resource Libraries: Maintain resource libraries with educational materials, trade tools, and faith-based resources that parents can borrow to enhance their homeschooling curriculum. These resources can include textbooks, trade manuals, teaching aids, and Christian literature.
  • Online Learning Platforms: Provide access to online learning platforms that offer a variety of courses, webinars, and instructional videos on both academic subjects and trade skills. This allows parents to supplement their teaching with high-quality, flexible learning options.

For Students:

  • Hands-On Workshops and Internships: Organize hands-on workshops and internships in various trades, providing students with practical, real-world experience. These opportunities allow students to apply their knowledge, develop their skills, and gain valuable insights into their chosen professions.
  • Study and Tutoring Support: Offer study groups and tutoring services to help students with challenging subjects and trade-specific skills. This additional academic support ensures that every student can achieve their full potential and overcome any learning obstacles.
Steps to Enrollment
We offer a wide range of courses and programs to meet the individual needs of our students and community. Our goal at United Collective is to help match prepared students for new course challenges and provide them the best opportunity for success. To help families, instructors, and administrators in this endeavor, please be sure to ask questions in advance.  It is a priority to find the best learning environment for him or her, as we seek to educate our students well and wisely.
Collaboration is key in the collective.  We want to build a supportive, encouraging, and empowered experience. 

Registration Opens July 19, 2024!

Explore our courses!
First, read the available course descriptions, taking a note of prerequisites, target grades, and course objectives. If your student is prepared for the course, go ahead and register. If you have any questions please reach out to the instructor to assist with further assistance.  

Initial Research and Understanding

Understand the Hybrid Model: Learn about the hybrid education model and how it integrates homeschooling with in-person learning.

Evaluate the Mission: Familiarize yourself with the community's mission, values, and educational philosophy to ensure it aligns with your family's beliefs and goals.

Attend Information Sessions

Info Sessions/Webinars: Participate in informational meetings or webinars offered by the community to get a comprehensive overview of the program.

Q&A Sessions: Engage in Q&A sessions to clarify any doubts and get answers to specific questions.

Review Curriculum and Programs

Curriculum Details: Review the curriculum offerings, including core subjects, electives, and extracurricular activities.

Program Flexibility: Understand the à la carte options available to customize your child’s education plan.

Evaluate Accountability Systems

Academic Accountability:
Learn about the assessment methods, progress tracking, and feedback mechanisms in place to ensure academic accountability.

Behavioral Expectations:
Familiarize yourself with the community’s code of conduct and behavioral expectations for students and parents.

Assess Commitment Requirements

Time Commitment:
Assess the time commitment required for both in-person learning days and homeschooling components.

Parental Involvement:
Understand the level of parental involvement expected, including participation in volunteering, events, and support at home.

Enrollment Process

Application Process:
Follow the steps outlined for enrollment, which may include filling out application forms, submitting necessary documents, and paying initial fees.

Interview and Orientation: Prepare for any required interviews or orientation sessions for both parents and students.

Roaring Hearts: Elementary Division

Roaring Hearts focuses on nurturing young learners in a faith-based, hybrid educational setting that combines home and community learning. The program integrates core academic subjects with biblical teachings, emphasizing hands-on learning, character education, and active parental involvement. Regular community days provide opportunities for socialization and worship, fostering a strong foundation in both academics and Christian values.
Roaring Minds: Middle School Division

Roaring Minds guides middle school students through a period of significant growth, emphasizing critical thinking, independent learning, and spiritual maturity. The hybrid model offers a balance of challenging academics, faith integration, and collaborative projects. Students benefit from mentorship, engage in community service, and participate in extracurricular activities, all within a supportive Christian environment.

Roaring Heights: High School Division

Roaring Heights prepares high school students for college and life beyond school with a focus on academic excellence, leadership, and deepening their faith. The program offers college-prep courses, leadership development opportunities, and in-depth Bible studies. Students explore career paths through internships and vocational training, and engage in community service, ensuring they are well-rounded and ready to make a positive impact in the world.
Together, these three divisions create a comprehensive educational experience that nurtures academic achievement, spiritual growth, and strong character development at every stage of a student's journey.

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United Collective Open House-Meet and Mingle
July 26 - Friday
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Mission of United Collective


What is the mission of United Collective?


Mission Statement:

At United Collective, our mission is to cultivate a Christ-centered educational environment that integrates rigorous academic instruction with practical trade skills, empowering students to thrive both spiritually and professionally. We are dedicated to nurturing the God-given potential of each student by providing a comprehensive education that emphasizes:

  • Faith: Grounding students in biblical principles and fostering a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Excellence: Striving for academic and vocational excellence through a challenging and engaging curriculum tailored to individual learning styles and goals.
  • Community: Building a supportive, inclusive community where students, parents, and educators collaborate and grow together in faith and knowledge.
  • Service: Encouraging a heart for service and leadership, equipping students to positively impact their communities and the world.

Through our hybrid model, we blend the best aspects of homeschooling with structured, hands-on learning experiences in various trades, preparing students to pursue meaningful careers and fulfill their God-given purpose.

This mission guides our efforts and reflects our commitment to providing a holistic, faith-based education that prepares students for success in all aspects of life.

School Year Calendar


When will United Collective start and end?


United Collective Fall semester will start on August 20, 2024 and end on December 10, 2024.  

United Collective Spring semester will start on January 2024.

Day of the Week


What day of the week will United Collective happen?


United Collective is expected to occur every week and will have multiple events that occur throughout the year.